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Steelers/Ravens Rivalry Deep Creek Lake

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Steelers/Ravens Rivalry Deep Creek Lake

I moved to Deep Creek Lake 4+ years ago from the Outer Banks to supervise the construction of the new Lodestone Golf Club at Wisp Resort.  My football roots hailed from the great state of Texas, Dallas to be more specific.  I grew up a diehard Cowboy fan in Redskin country and never really felt moved by any other football rivalries.  Living here in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland has changed all that for me, as it is truly a unique football fan situation here at the lake. Okay, here is why…. Fans here live in the great state of Maryland…You would think this would be a shoe-in to be a Baltimore Raven fan, right??  Not so much.  Remember, we are 3 hours West of Baltimore but only 2 hours south of Pittsburgh. Our primary TV station here is Pittsburgh’s own WTAE-4 coming straight from downtown P-town.  Every morning and evening we hear about Pittsburgh’s weather, news and sports; this is where you hear about the black and gold year round.  Sure, you hear about the Penguins and occasionally the Pirates but make no mistake about it, Steeler Nation’s head quarters hails from this three river steel town.  But just as Steeler fans bleed black and gold, DCL is split in half by Raven fans that have purple blood running through their veins.  The Ravens fans here at the lake take as much love and pride into every game just as their rivals do.  I think to say that each team respects each other is just downright false!  These teams and their fans have no love for each other!!  As we step out of our beds and plant our feet on the floor of Super Bowl Sunday (which is playing in Dallas in the Cowboy stadium, Ouch!), there are still Ravens fans that feel like they didn’t get a fair shake on the last Ravens Steelers Brawl.  Just as some baseball fans feel that the Red Sox/Yankees playoff duels ARE the World Series, the same sentiment is felt here at Maryland’s favorite lake/ski town. Ravens fans/players feel like they were cheated out of a victory at this year’s Ravens/Steelers “Super Bowl” and they are angry and hungry for the re-match next year. Until then some friendships and business relationships may be strained until the tables are turned next football season.

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