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Karen Myers inducted in the Maryland Business Hall of Fame

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Karen Myers  inducted in  the Maryland Business Hall of Fame

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame Award Ceremonies.  Deep Creek Lake native and a 10th generation Frazee, Karen Frazee Myers, was inducted into Maryland’s Business Hall of Fame.  Karen was recognized by her peers for her decades of promotion of the one-time sleepy Deep Creek Lake/Garrett County area, which has become a go-to destination for Mid-Atlantic residents. 

Karen’s “nose to grindstone” work ethic has bloomed several successful businesses throughout her lengthy career.  Her flourishing businesses, Mountaineer Log & Siding, Wisp Ski & Golf Resort, Deep Creek Marina, and real estate business are products of her relentless determination. 

 Even during the big moment in her life, Karen still recognizes her partners, her family, her friends and her employee’s who have supported her through sometimes difficult years.  Her resiliency through the hard times (and the good times) along with her insight into what would make her endeavors successful has paid off long term.

 Karen’s career really started 35 years ago in the real estate business when the lake was “undiscovered” as a resort and second home destination.  It took many years for Karen to put Garrett County and Deep Creek Lake on a mainstream map. 

 Her daughter, Betsy Spiker, took over the reigns from her mother to become Deep Creek Lake’s trusted real estate guru


She has mentored her children throughout their lives to be positive community role models and successful business leaders.  Her son, Adrian Spiker, has taken a dream of creating the best marina in Deep Creek Lake and made it a reality.  She has influenced and guided him into making the most thriving marina on the lake.  

 “Not too bad for a country girl” says Karen Myers at the awards podium in Baltimore, Maryland.  Not too bad at all for a woman who grew up in a family from White Rock who exceeded, by anybody’s standards, personal success…business success…family success…community success…spiritual success…  I have been fortunate to be in Karen’s circle for the past 3 years and understand and respect why the State of Maryland has chose to recognize this special woman with such a prestigious honor. 

 Congratulations, Karen!!

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