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Bluegrass Night at JG’s

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Bluegrass Night at JG’s

 I’m going to let you in on a Deep Creek Lake secret… On the first Tuesday night of every month at JG’s Tavern, local guitar Luthier Roger Skipper brings his assembly of musicians to host bluegrass night. The fun starts at 7:00pm, but you had better get there at least an hour early to get a place to sit or you may be listening from the parking lot. That is if you can find a place to park… This is ole school bluegrass from one warm group of good people.

 I worked with Scott McMillion, the superintendent of the new Lodestone Golf Club on top of Wisp Mountain for over a year before I heard that he played mandolin on bluegrass night. This transplant from the Pacific North West has a natural ear and talent for playing some amazing mandolin. Roger, his wife and Scott are the nucleus of a local group of musicians that take you on a journey to the heart of bluegrass roots. There group consists of ten or so musicians who gladly share their stage with any pickers who may walk through the door. They rotate around the microphone each getting a chance to sing some of their bluegrass favorites’. The tempo goes from beautiful old ballads, to some hand clapping toe tapping banjo fiddle jams.

Great music. Good people. Fun times.


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