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Deep Creek Marina ranked # 89 in North America

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When you look at the top 100 marinas in North America to find those that stand head and shoulders above the rest in customer relations, service, and employees you’ll have to look no further than Deep Creek Lake’s Deep Creek Marina. They were just awarded 89th in North America (Canada included of course). Not bad for a company 6 years into its birth.  It was 3 years ago they opened up a state-of-the-art showroom to the tune of $4 million, including a top-of-the-line service center located in the nucleus of the North end of the lake and across from Wisp Resort.

Economic times have made every type of business in the country rethink the way they do business and find creative ways to stay profitable. Owner Adrian Spiker and his professional staff have started where all great businesses succeed and that’s with excellent customer service. From the sales and service crew, to the rental division DCM has done everything possible to tweak their already well oiled machine so that they remain the go-to marina at Deep Creek Lake.

Deep Creek Lake should be proud to have Deep Creek Marina recognized for such a prestigious honor in an ever so competitive market. Such elevated success is a remarkable accomplishment in a huge market.  Don’t forget to visit DCM on your next visit and find out why they are held with such high regard among their boating peers.

Bob Holcomb

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