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Real Estate Market Update Deep Creek Lake MD Spring 2011

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Real Estate Market Update Deep Creek Lake MD Spring 2011

Springtime is upon us here in Deep Creek Lake and the vital signs of our real estate market are at a steady and encouraging pulse. “Traditionally”, springtime and summertime hail as our busiest times for home buying and we “normally” see a lot of second home buyers shopping for their dream home here at the lake. Well, words like “traditionally” and “normally” are fine for folks in the real estate profession who count on the climate in the business to remain the same. As we all know, we are on the upswing of a grand recession and only current facts and knowledge should guide us in our decision making process.

This week, me and my wife, Betsy Spiker Holcomb, took the 4 + hour drive to the town of Richmond, Virginia to learn from legendary Real Estate guru Brian Buffini about the latest and most current information regarding all aspects of real estate. We were not alone as we shared the conference center with 1,500 other agents trying to learn as much about the current market as possible to pass on this valuable knowledge to their clients. The Spiker Team has always committed a substantial amount of time and money traveling around the East Coast to stay educated on the current real estate conditions from land/lots sales, secondary home sales, resort sales opportunities, updates in lending practices, facts about loans and interest rates that may help you in deciding the best time to buy, myths and facts about short sales and foreclosures, and so forth.

Email Betsy Spiker Holcomb for a current fact sheet that we have prepared pertaining to relevant  real estate information that will surely be of value to you if you are considering to purchase or sell real estate.

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