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Kayaking on Deep Creek lake

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Kayaking on Deep Creek lake

I’m not afraid to be the broken record here at Deep Creek Lake by yet again bragging about perfect temperatures here at the lake. Seriously! You can’t make this stuff up! Late summer mornings on the lake are ideal for your recreation of choice or just kick off your shoes and take a load off.

 Here’s a thought…Go rent yourself a Kayak, find yourself a nice glassy shoreline and round up your sweetheart to go for a lazy adventure. Come on people, this is a sport that you don’t have to be a triathlon champ or a muscle head to enjoy. Gently dip your paddle in peaceful DCL and get yourself a nice chill glide going.  Take notice of the amazing views that you may have passed before too quickly on a boat. Kayaking is a great way to absorb new things around the lake that you have overlooked before. More importantly it’s a great way to calm your mind while having a delightful experience. Don’t put if off any longer. Come enjoy this special time of the year when the crowds have thinned down and the lake is perfect for this fantastic sport.

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