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Diving Deep Creek Lake in the Winter

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Diving Deep Creek Lake in the Winter

Deep Creek Lake has it all, as I have mentioned in numerous blogs in the past.  And, as I have said before, you can’t make this stuff up!  Today I was coming home from an appointment on State Park Road and I happened to notice a group of people on the ice outside the Discovery Center near the Deep Creek Lake State Park.  I am a fairly curious guy so I drove over to check it out and found out that there were a group of people diving in the Lake.  You may find that a little odd considering the 18 or so inches of ice on the lake at the moment.  I was invited out on the ice to get a closer look at the action and was led to triangular hole that was previously cut out and that had scuba gear all around it.  Ten or so locals and out-of-towners were preparing to get suited up and do a dark and ominous dive under the ice.  It may seem dark and spooky but the fact of the matter is that these divers were beaming with excitement.  Two divers attached to one rope dive as another person would keep tension on the rope and feed it to them as they plummeted 40’ deep in the deepest part of the channel.  All of this is being supervised by a master diver instructor.  I have surfed in ocean temperatures a hair warmer than the lake, but could not imagine the sensations that these divers experience in freezing waters, clouded visibility, and under a layer of ice and snow.  Once submerged in the depths of ice water, the only directional lifeline to the small exit-hole in the ice is a rope clasped to their scuba harness about 150’ in length.  Talk about living on the edge!  I definitely have all intentions of trying the sport of diving sometime in the future but I think I will leave the extreme diving to the experts.

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