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Ramp Recipe

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Ramp Recipe

 Well its official, I have finally found my favorite Ramp Recipe. My friends had a ramp fest in their hunting cabin this weekend, which gave me a different prospective on ramp dishes other than my old favorites. Fried Ramps in beer batter are definitely how I enjoy them the best.

First you have to go to your favorite ramp patch and dig you a mess. I like the newer, smallish bulbs myself as they fry up crispy and sweet without leaving you with that legendary ramp fume breath.

Next you clean them up and cut the bulbs to 1”-2” lengths. You can leave more of the stems if you want a little more crunch on the ends. I use my Momma Holcomb’s beer batter recipe but McCormick’s in a box will work great too.

You want to heat your vegetable oil up to a medium heat. You do not want your heat too hot or you will brown the outside and the ramps will be raw on the inside.



Cook until golden brown. Strain them on a paper plate with paper towels. Add a little salt. And enjoy.

Note: cook two times more than you think you will eat because these are addicting.

Serve with a Tomato Ramp Martini…

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