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Cardboard Box Derby Design Deep Creek Lake

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Cardboard Box Derby Design Deep Creek Lake

March 19, 2011. That means you only have 37 days to come up with a design, get the necessary cardboard, purchase a couple dozen rolls of duct tape, and try to put together a team of people who will be willing to sip a few beers and help build a cardboard rocket ship for this year’s cardboard box derby. Last year, Long and Foster manager Bob Carney, and myself (Bob Holcomb) from The Spiker Team put together our first entry in this event which was a two man Bob Sled, AKA “The Bobs’ Sled”.  Long and Foster agent Doug McClive had the cardboard connection from an anonymous source, and fellow agent Mark Utterback came through with cases of duct tape to get the build started.  What better way to get down a track of packed snow than on a Bobsled?  So, from there the construction journey began on some old saw horses with many different kinds of cardboard products.  It didn’t take too many 3- hour build sessions to get our design laid out and put together.

 BLOG STOP! Seriously folks, it is not that hard to build a cardboard box entry.  The whole experience from putting it together until you cross the finish line is exciting and rewarding. BLOG RE-START!

  Did I mention this is to raise money for the blind skiers program???  I bet I can find more reasons for you to participate then you can invent excuses not too.  You have 37 days. Get together with your family, friends, coworkers, or make some new friends and put your best effort in building a cardboard box masterpiece and pilot the vessel to victory.  If you finish first or last, consider it a victory in life for supporting a great cause and having a heck of a lot of fun being a part of the process.



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