Snow Making Wisp Resort

Snow Making Wisp Resort

It is Friday, November 18, 2011 here at DeepCreekLake, one week before Thanksgiving.  Wisp Resort has fired up their state-of-the-art snowmaking system in preparation for the upcoming winter sports season. Temperatures are perfect for snowmaking at the moment, with humidity down to 50%, crucial for getting that coveted light champagne powder. Wisp Resort is always on the pulse of preparation year-after-year, enabling them to deliver some of the finest snow conditions on the East Coast.

 The temperatures will fluctuate a bit warmer during the week, but that doesn’t mean that this is some vain fire drill and time wasted.  After all, snowmaking is a very complex system that has miles and miles of pipe, valves, snow guns, and nozzles that have to be turned on and pressurized to assure that all the bugs are out of the system before the season starts. Wisp Resort is meticulous regarding every aspect & detail, to guarantee a problem-free experience for everyone that visits the mountain. We have closed the chapter on the summer season and the presence of active snowmaking machines is a signal to locals (like the leaves changing in the fall) that the snow season is about to begin.








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