The Ohiopyle BikeTrail

The Ohiopyle BikeTrail

Normally I do not encourage folks to stray too far away from our utopian vacation heaven here atDeepCreekLakebecause of the wealth of activities we have here. But, I have discovered a superb place just twenty-five minutes North of GarrettCounty inPennsylvaniathat is a bike peddlers dream in the fall (or anytime for that matter). The ride is a great way to experience the legendary fall foliage that is not too far away from firing.Choose your starting point either atConfluence, PA or atOhiopyleNational Park, which are separated by eleven miles. The kicker is that the bike path between the towns runs parallel with the beautifulYoughioghenyRiverwith gentle, consistent elevation changes, making for pleasant peddling. There is only a 2% grade running downstream fromConfluence towards Ohiopyle that makes this 22 mile round trip perfect for those of us who don’t have the legs and lungs of Lance Armstrong.  The trip allows many opportunities to stop and take in the relaxing peaceful calm that theYoughRiveris famous for. You will see many kayak and raft tours cruising down this easy flowing section of the river. Bring the family and a backpack with a nice lunch and a few ice cold Powerade’s and spend a special afternoon enjoying another chapter of God’s country.

 I suggest if you do not bike a lot to begin by starting at Ohiopyle, which makes the first eleven miles 2% uphill all the way toConfluence, that way if you get too tired you can cruise with less effort on the slightly downhill run back to Ohiopyle. Expect rubbery legs the next day, and the urge to make biking a new part of your life. I know the summer season has ended, but take some time as fall approaches to step away from work, load up your bikes and bring the family to enjoy a memorable day just a stone’s throw from DeepCreekLake.

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