Garrett County Agricultural Fair Deep Creek Lake

Try to remember through child eyes the fantastic moments you experienced at the local summertime fair. I used to love the feeling of riding the “Round Up” spinning so fast that you could pick your feet off the ground as if you were flying. Then after getting off the ride simply trying to navigate walking for the next ten minutes while your head is spinning like a tornado.  It can be as challenging as a tight rope walker. 

There are all the rides  that normally entice you to play like the scrambler, apple turn over, the star ship, and of course the ferris wheel. Cotton candy, funnel cakes, candy apples, fresh lemonade, beef brisket, hot dogs, local corn, and the famous rotary vinegar fries are just the start to Garret County fair cuisine.  The familiar sights, sounds, and smells are nothing short of perfection to the senses at this All American small town fair.


There are truck pulls, tractor pulls, dirt bike exhibitions, and my favorite ‘”the crash up derby”. People from all over the county put together make-shift ram rods to see who can take the least amount of punishment and survive the longest. The leaking radiators leading to blow motors and back wheels being plowed into the car frame seem to be the master of demise in this grand event.


Remember that this is an Agricultural Fair. A popular event is when animals come through the auction gates. People pack the fair bleachers to bid on a large selection of farm animals ranging from Cows, Lambs, and Pigs. There is something special about the auctioneer taking control of the bidding and the electricity of the crowd competing for these beautiful fair animals. There is also the standard competition of trying to get the coveted blue ribbon for the best vegetable, photograph, painting, quilt or wood working piece.

After the fair,  I went up to an special place overlooking the fair with the sun setting, the fair lights shining brilliantly, and the rumble of the crash-up derby all framed in by Wisp Resort in the background. What a great way to finish up the summer and the catalyst for the start of fall.

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