Springtime Rain/Thunderstorms Deep Creek Lake

Springtime Rain/Thunderstorms Deep Creek Lake

This morning at 5:30am I was awoke by the comforting sound of thunder rumbling through the valleys and across Deep Creek Lake.  It has been a long time since I have heard the soothing rain outside my window, which signals that spring time is moving closer.  The snow shovels are idle, the Christmas trees are put aside to make a fishing structure for the summer, and flower pots are ready to be cleaned up and planted. The lake still has a thick layer of ice and the ski slopes have a good base to play on, but Mother Nature’s setting up a beautiful spring with adequate amounts of rains to boost the vegetation here in a couple of months.  There are stubborn, small pockets of snow around the county that still are undecided about the end of the winter season but the rain at the moment is slowly etching them down to size.  Rain has different effects on different people.  I love a nice peaceful rain to bring that relaxing calm that seems to smooth out my day.  Temperatures are forecasted to drop back below freezing during the week and who knows, it could snow for the next couple months.  However it works out, today is a great day because it started with the gentle rumblings of a springtime rain and a thunderstorm here in Deep Creek Lake.  If you focus on the little things in life that bring you joy and comfort, you are destined to live a long and happy life.  Deep Creek Lake’s early spring has my attention at the moment.

Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


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