Mountaineer Log Homes Deep Creek Lake Maryland


Mountaineer Log Homes Deep Creek Lake Maryland


As a Real Estate professional and Buyer’s agent, it’s my job to represent all my clients’ interest to make sure they get the best deal possible when buying a home.  It is also important to show them everything available within their criteria in and around the lake regardless of what Real Estate Broker is marketing the property. That being said, some folks who come up here to find their dream second home don’t find every piece of the puzzle no matter how many homes I show them.  I often here, “Can you put this house on that home site?”, or I only wish the kitchen that we liked from the last home was in this home instead”.  It’s understandable that we all have strict criteria for a home when spending a large amount of money and when all efforts to find that perfect home are exhausted…I suggest the obvious next step….Build your  own home!!!

I recently had a large family that clocked 4 visits to the lake looking for a home and almost pulled the trigger on a few offers but really they were only 95% satisfied with their choices.  There were a few desirable locations that the family felt like it was “it”, with one up-and-coming development in particular that stood above the rest.  At that point I suggested they consider building with a reputable company. Considering their main concern was building a log home, it was easy leading them to the front door of Deep Creek Lake’s premier log home company, Mountaineer Log & Siding Company.  After laying down their ideas on what would be the perfect log home for their family, it did not take long to understand that they were heading in a logical direction.

Don’t be intimidated by the construction process, which can go from 6-9 months depending on the size of the home. Most people want to find the perfect home, make a deal, and move right in, which I can totally understand. If you don’t find that special home and have a little time to wait, consider building from the ground up as it can really be a rewarding process with the right builder. Don’t think you can only build a little cabin the woods. These designs range from cabins to castles!

My clients come up every couple of weeks to check on progress as well as to look ahead at design decisions that have to be made to make the house their home. Where to put beds, couches, and tables? How will the electrical outlets be affected? Where do you want the light switches? How many? How about the location of the wall mounted flat-screen TV’s?  What kind of flooring – maple, oak, hickory?  Don’t be intimidated! Enjoy it! Don’t forget this is your dream home.

Guess what? My clients are having the best experience building a home that they will enjoy with their grandchildren for decades. Do yourself a favor, whether you Buy or Build in Deep Creek Lake, do it sooner than later and begin building memories that will last a lifetime. 

Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


Phone: 240-321-5335

Office: 800-336-5253

Fax: 301-387-7876

One Response to “Mountaineer Log Homes Deep Creek Lake Maryland”

  1. This log home looks like it is shaping up quit nicely. I am sure your client can’t wait for construction to finish. If this were my home, I would surely be excited.

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