Deep Creek Lake Moon-Rise Waning Gibbous

 Deep Creek Lake Moon-Rise Waning Gibbous

For the last couple of nights here at Deep Creek Lake there has been a tremendous glow from the moon over our waters that have led to some spectacular moments to be witnessed by those who are aware. There are a total of eight phases of the Moon and last night it was in the Waning Gibbous stage. In this phase, the Moon is less than fully illuminated, but more than half. Funny though, the intensity of the Moon’s glow reveled that of the Sun. I have been woke up the last two nights at 3 am as the Moon crept over the 219 bridge casting a laser beam of light across the water, and slowly rounded over the treetops directly into my window like a blinding lamplight. I may have been half asleep but I was not dreaming as the room was illuminated in some fluorescent bluish glow stick fog that was very surreal and pleasant.

This beautiful spectacle is rarely witnessed to this magnitude in areas that have the glow on the streetlights and buildings. Here in Deep Creek Lake, it almost transforms a simple Moon-rise into what West Coaster’s hail as there Northern Lights show. Maybe not as brilliant but we do have mystical warm late summer evenings that take us back in time of lying on your back and staring at the billions of stars that serve as the background to the masterpiece Moon. 

Bob Holcomb

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