Traders Coffee House Deep Creek Lake


Traders Coffee House Deep Creek Lake

You want a perfectly scripted morning here in Deep Creek Lake? Do what most of the population doesn’t do.  Get up early and watch a spectacular sunrise over the mountain or lake. To really enhance this experience, get on the boat while it’s still early dawn and maybe get in a round of wakeboarding, or fishing, or maybe just go for a mellow ride across the calm waters of Maryland’s favorite lake. Take a minute to exhale and leave your stress behind from your job or your life. This is what DCL is all about in the early morning. Now take a deep breath through your nose and smell the fresh mountain air, listen to the wildlife already in full swing waking up. Look around you and take notice of others like you sitting on a dock along the shoreline, or on another boat taking in this natural therapy. Save your appetite until about 9-10am when the activity on the lake starts to fill in a bit. You have just enjoyed 4 tranquil hours on virtually your own lake and now it’s time to fuel up with a delicious breakfast and an amazing cup of java.

Drive your boat down to about the middle of the lake and visit Trader’s Coffee House for a wonderful breakfast, and a relaxing atmosphere. Choose from a cappuccino, latte, tea, muffins, pastries, scones, waffles, croissants, and breakfast sandwiches. I suggest trying an ‘everything’ bagel with sausage and cheese with a large cappuccino, or maybe try their homemade waffles with whipped cream and strawberries on top. Bring your laptop if you have to catch up on emails. Key words “have to”! Trader’s will smooth out your attitude and put the real world temporarily into another distant, unfamiliar world. After your visit to Trader’s, it’s time to catch up with your crowd and indulge in your normal lake activities. Just be sure to put aside a few mornings each visit to Deep Creek Lake and enjoy my favorite time on this peaceful lake.

Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


Phone: 240-321-5335

Office: 800-336-5253

Fax: 301-387-7876

2 Responses to “Traders Coffee House Deep Creek Lake”

  1. Jennifer Payette Says:

    Absolutely breathtaking photos of Deep Creek Lake! Enjoyed viewing them all.

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