The Yummy Yacht Deep Creek Lake


The Yummy Yacht Deep Creek Lake

As a child, we have fond memories of hearing the out-of-key chime of the ice cream truck in the vicinity of our neighborhood. I can hear Eddie Murphy now…”ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING!” in his hilarious child-like voice. Then we are off running to find mom to beg for some spare change for a bomb pop and then on our bike’s chasing the wobbly sound blaring out of some tired speaker. I’ll never forget how we would congregate all of our bikes together on those hot summer days and inhale melting ice cream until our faces and hands were covered with as much sticky sugar as our skin could absorb.

Deep Creek Lake now has a new addition to the water that will hopefully bring you and your children fond ice cream-based memories; this floating ice cream stand is known as Deep Creek Marina’s YUMMY YACHT. That’s right folks, we have an ice cream boat to bring you all your favorite flavors whenever you get the urge for something cool and refreshing out on the lake. Julie Spiker is the captain of this freezer-packing vessel and will be happy to bring your favorite treat right to your boat. Keep your keen ears open to that familiar carnival sound of the Yummy Yacht this summer and bring smiles to your children’s faces and the rest of your family while enjoying a sweet treat on a special lake.

Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


Phone: 240-321-5335

Office: 800-336-5253

Fax: 301-387-7876

2 Responses to “The Yummy Yacht Deep Creek Lake”

  1. i don’t remember her name, but i remember their dog Grace, SO sweet. they (woman and her daughter) were just awesome, such nice friendly people

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