Paddleboarding Deep Creek Lake


Paddleboarding Deep Creek Lake

 My passion for surfboard construction tipped me off to paddleboarding many years ago, as builders looked for new ways to experience the soulful glide of surf crafts.  Basically, the boards were stretched out a bit longer than their modern longboard cousins and widened by about a foot around center. The curve in the bottom of the board or “rocker” dictates if it’s going to be good for paddling/speed or performance and ability to turn. At my favorite surf break at my second home in the OBX, high performance paddleboards are the norm and have been in the line-up for many years. The surfers there are taking the sport to extreme levels surfing waves in excess of 10 feet. This sport is constantly evolving and being refined by the board builders and wave-riding community.

This year paddleboarding has made its way to Deep Creek Lake. Both Deep Creek Marina and Wisp Resort rent an array of different paddleboards to suit your taste. I had my first attempt at it last night and can tell you that it is a blast. Being very tall does offer a disadvantage for balancing as you can be a little top heavy but it doesn’t take long to master it and be off on your way. I suggest starting off on both of your knees facing the front of the board until you get stabilized, then stand up at about the center of the board. I found it easier to keep your eyes on the horizon as opposed to looking down at the board, to maintain your optimum balance. Start sweeping your paddle through the water gently and you’re on your way to a peaceful glide across beautiful Deep Creek Lake. A word of warning, you are required by law to wear a life vest at all times when on a paddleboard; you can be ticketed and fined for not wearing one. Be safe and have a fun time this summer enjoying DCL’s newest craze.

Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


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2 Responses to “Paddleboarding Deep Creek Lake”

  1. Hi Bob,
    This brings back so many memories. In my younger days I surfed San Diego beaches including La Jolla. Right now in my 60’s I think I should start paddleboarding lying down THEN advance to my knees!!
    Carol Wills Deep Creek Lake Homeowner

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