Springtime Water Skiing on Deep Creek Lake

Springtime Water Skiing on Deep Creek Lake

 After a record breaking snowfall this past winter which led to epic skiing and snowboarding conditions, spring has opened up the window to warmer summer sports. “Warmer” might be a stretch when talking about water temperatures, but the air temperatures have been midsummer- like for the last 3 weeks. A couple of passionate water skiers disregarded talk about the ice cream headache cold waters here at Deep Creek Lake this time of year and decided to have a go at being the first ones on the lake. The only unorthodox detail that I left out is that these skiers would have to saddle up in 3mm dry suits to be able to tolerate the 45 degree temps the lake is serving up this early in the season.  The only vulnerable body parts were the feet, hands, and head which didn’t keep these hardcore guys from enjoying an exciting Easter Weekend on the lake. What a great experience to see friends enjoying a wonderful day of water skiing while watching the snow skiers enjoying the final weekend  of winter sports at Wisp Resort.

Bob Holcomb

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