Deep Creek Lake Cardboard Box Derby


With just under a month left to ski at Wisp Ski Resort, the Cardboard Box Derby is on everyone’s radar this coming weekend. I have been in attendance the last two years and I have been in awe of the creative design and the speed of the entries. I have seen fire engines, ambulances, motorcycles, bi-planes, and even the Flintstones car straight out of Bedrock. The fun really starts when the contestants saddle up on their cardboard, duct tape, and string creations. This year, Long and Foster Manager Bob Carney and I are trying to build an aero-dynamic speed demon to dominate the speed category. Win or lose, everyone competing or spectating understands that we are doing this to raise money for the Deep Creek Lake Lions Club Blind Skiers Program.


There are three categories by which the entries will be judged: 1.) Design, 2.) Speed, 3.) Judges Choice. The fun starts at 1:00PM at the Bear Claw Tubing Park on Saturday March 20th. Bring your family and friends and come experience a fun afternoon watching cardboard creations wrapped with miles of duct tape taking center stage for this gratifying cause. If you are interested in participating you still have time.


Here are the rules:


1. Boxes may be constructed only of cardboard, tape and string.
2. Decorations, painting and flags are permitted and encouraged.
3. Push-off at Start by non-rider is permitted.
4. No limit on number of passengers or size of box.
5. Participants are asked to remove boxes/remnants at finish of race.
6. Each entry will run individually against the clock.

Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


Phone: 240-321-5335

Office: 800-336-5253

Fax: 301-387-7876

One Response to “Deep Creek Lake Cardboard Box Derby”

  1. Great information Bob, I love this event. So much fun for the whole gang! Can’t wait!

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