Deep Creek Lake Reaching Out to Virginia


Deep Creek Lake Reaching Out To Virginia


People from Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Pittsburgh and many other areas that surround Deep Creek Lake all get what it is that makes this place special. After all, Deep Creek is within a three hour radius of 25 million people, many of whom know all too well what this part of the country has to offer. People who have time and money invested in Garrett County have been rewarded with something much more valuable than just that. They have been rewarded with endless, lifelong, family memories that are deeply embedded in their children.

 Deep Creek’s reputation has extended its reach down to Hampton Roads, Virginia.  Those who had never heard of Deep Creek Lake and Wisp Resort have found a heaven they will never forget. You have heard me over the last few months preaching the gospel of winter sports and an abundance of quality snowfall. Sure, people from Virginia have visited other resorts in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania when a change of pace is needed.  However, none on these ski resorts have a 3,000 acre lake that serves as the backbone to this four-season resort. The people of Virginia are being more and more enlightened to what millions of others have already discovered and call their home away from home for decades. Today at Wisp Resort, we have an icy blue sky that is radiating off a perfect carpet of snow onto smiling faces of a packed Wisp Resort. Some of these happy faces are friends in from Virginia Beach who are enjoying a perfect first visit that will certainly not be their last.


Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


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  1. Great blog Bob…keep up the good work…

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