Deep Creek Lake hosts the Winter Olympics?

Deep Creek Lake hosts the Winter Olympics?

Well….maybe we are never destined to hold the Winter Olympics here in Deep Creek Lake, but we have had enough snow to contend some of the finest resorts in Canada. The world has their eyes set on center stage today as the 2010 Winter Olympics Games begin today. Some people have decided to forego the televised opening events so they can strap on their equipment of choice and compete against their family and friends on Wisp Mountain. As we speak, as far as the eye can see, there is a line of cars filing into Wisp Resort to enjoy a spectacular President’s Weekend.

 I remember as a child being fascinated and excited by the start of the Winter Olympics and my heart warmed by the solidarity of the World’s spirit. I couldn’t wait for the start of the giant downhill ski events and I had tremendous respect for the men and women who put their faith in a tiny steel edge on their skis going in excess of 70 mph downhill. I would beg my parents to stay up past my bedtime to be able to watch the long jump skiers explode off the launching ramp and soar like birds over the distance of football fields landing with grace and precision on a groomed corduroy ski slope. My favorite of all, hands down, was and still is the four man bobsled competition. These fiberglass sleds are propelled by gravity on razor steel runners down a frozen ice track going speeds in excess of 90 mph. I was fortunate last year to man the brake-mans position in Salt Lake City and bomb the infamous Olympic run in a four man bobsled.

If you are not here with us on the slopes in Deep Creek Lake this weekend take some time to reflect and enjoy some of your favorite Olympic memories and tune in during the next two weeks to make some new ones.

Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


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