Deep Creek Lake Winter Revisited

Deep Creek Lake Winter Revisited

 I have heard a lot of chatter from people on the East Coast and a lot of the country who are voicing their desires for springtime to blossom tomorrow (if possible!) with the wave of a magic wand. Here in Deep Creek Lake we had 36 to 40 inches this past weekend with another 20 inches coming in the next couple of days. My love for winter activities segregates me to a different perception of cold snowy winters, and I could tell by the sea of smiles I encountered this weekend that I am not alone. The amount of snow we are receiving here in Deep Creek Lake and the quality of powder that we have seen makes it all too difficult to throw in the towel for the winter season. I know there are some “powder junkies” like myself that look at a big winter snow storm in the same light as a surfer sees a hurricane and its  potential for bringing a large clean swell or in our case, some fresh powder.

You won’t be disappointed if you make it to Garrett County from your hometowns this weekend (some of who are still digging out from the last storm last weekend).  Rest assured that the roads here are masterfully manicured and most of all safe to bring your family for a visit.  I see the snow starting to fall this morning and I’m already getting excited about getting a couple of quick powder runs in tomorrow morning before work. Be one of the many who get out of the gates early and come chase the fresh snow during our self proclaimed “powder hour” and make sure you get your fill of fun before spring does officially take over.


Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


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