The Davisson Brothers at Deep Creek Lake




The Davisson Brother’s at Deep Creek Lake


 Ok…You just spent the day skiing in perfect powder at Wisp Resort in Deep Creek Lake. You just finished having the famous Wednesday night sushi dinner special at DC’s Bar and you are looking for something to capture your attention and enhance your already amazing vacation experience. Thankfully, you are already nearby to an incredibly entertaining musical experience that has become the place to be for many McHenry Locals.  Nothing stirs up more enthusiasm for locals and visiting Wisp patrons then the one and only Davisson Brothers Band.

This Clarksburg, West Virginia band is a fusion of bluegrass, country, blues, and rock and roll that is fueled by the lead singer/guitarist Donnie Davisson, who stomps the crowd in the ground with his hardcore country boy personality. His facial interaction taunts the crowd while he slings and swings around the stage smiling and singing proudly of self-proclaimed Hillbilly Honky Tonkin. “ Are there any hillbilly’s out there” he laughs in-between songs. The rhythm section is led by the ear-to-ear smiling master bass player Sammy Davisson, whose country/rock funkadelic grooves are in perfect cadence with the solid drum beat of Aaron Regester.

The whole sound is pulled together by the soul-cleansing force of mellow Davisson Brother lead guitarist Chris Davisson, who is in command of the Allman Brothers-styled southern blues slide guitar licks that relax the crowd during one guitar riff and has them shaking their hips on the next. He stands as the “quiet Beatle” of the group whose stage maturity serves as the backbone to the Davisson Brothers sound.

Put the Davisson’s Brothers webpage in your favorites and be sure to schedule a visit to Deep Creek Lake to catch their next performance (February 17, 2010). 

Bob Holcomb

Photo: Bob Carney

Bob Holcomb

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