Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol at Deep Creek Lake           

Dawn Patrol

 As the season transitions towards the winter ski season, I’m torn between my love for the upcoming snowboarding season at Wisp Resort and my passion for wakeboarding early in the morning on Deep Creek Lake in the summertime with my family. This past summer when the alarm sounds for me at five thirty sharp, I did rounds around the house waking up my grumbling family. The grumbling soon turns to a positive excitement as we pull out of the drive way on the way to the dock and notice that there is zero wind through the tree tops. There’s a fiendish pleasure knowing that we will be the first people to get our Malibu Wakesetter on the lake to create the first ripples on a virgin glassy lake. The feeling of wakeboarding through filtered darkness on a glassy lake at dawn while watching the sun slowly rise over the mountains, bringing light and warmth to a beautiful day is amazing. Recommended…

Brendo at dawn on Deep Creek Lake

Bob Holcomb

Spiker Team P.C.


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2 Responses to “Dawn Patrol”

  1. Congrats…keep ’em rollin

  2. Kathy Johnson Says:

    Great blog Bob. I would grumble at 5:30 as well

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